Winner of the first ever D&AD Black Pencil for Innovation, The Most Powerful Arm harnessed interactive robotics to deliver a powerful campaign designed to raise awareness for charity Save Our Sons. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a debilitating disease occurring only in young males and results in the loss of motor function and the deterioration of muscles from a young age. We built ‘The Most Powerful Arm’, a robot that could write signatures via Facebook onto a petition in the handwriting of Jacob Lancaster, a 19 year old Australian male suffering from DMD. Via a live stream on the campaign website, users could see their name being signed while a camera photographs their signature.

Their signature was then published on their Facebook feed enabling them to share it, creating a domino effect and triggering others to sign. Facebook served as a filtering system ensuring people only signed once, eliminating profanity and verifying information on user profiles. The Most Powerful Arm campaign was extended three times due to popular demand, in the end it amassed more than 32,000 signatures and became the first Facebook petition to be tabled by the Senate.