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FINCH offers three full-service offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Producing over 100 jobs a year, FINCH is the largest production company in Australia and New Zealand.


With a highly skilled, talented and experienced production staff, including 10 full time producers, in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. The Commercials Department offers industry leading full-service production capabilities. Our team with over 25 years experience in Line Production will share the combined knowledge gained from shooting thousands of jobs in our market. We can quickly look at your board and tell you if we think we can achieve your vision and provide ballparks and location reference overnight while creating full bids for you based on your brief.


Our approach is to be transparent from bidding stage through to wrap. We endeavour to service every job to the highest capability, coming in on budget and on time, problem solving together every step of the way. We provide collaboration and full time support for your director to achieve a premium outcome with our welcoming team.


Australia and New Zealand offer a wide variety of climates and terrain, ranging from tropical to the snow.
It also boasts eclectic locations and multicultural cast from all around the world.


The Commercials Department has facilitated jobs for companies based in the USA, UK, Asian and European markets. We offer highly designed spaces to work out of, we have specialised knowledge with world class gear, relationships with the very best crew, and through ATTICUS offer post production services in all three cities.

Facilitated Productions

A selection of facilitated and FINCH productions showcasing Australian & New Zealand Locations & Casting.